Could the ship be stored in mothballs for the winter, its crew relaxing in the Caribbean? Actually, sailing on the Orion never really stops in winter; we can keep sailing as long as there’s no ice.

Winter sailing!

We may not be sailing as much, but Orion is still used for sleeping accommodations.In between trips we put a fresh lick of paint on everything, do some welding on the outside, make a new entrance to the mate’s quarters, install a winch for the jib and do a number of repairs.

Maintenance sailing ship

The forecastle cabin and afterhold are renovated, sail covers and window hatch covers repaired. And of course all rust on the outside is removed, followed by more fresh paint. The Orion must also comply with any (new) demands from the national shipping inspectorate, so these will also be taken care of, for everyone’s safety.

And in case of ice, we skate!

Curious about the possibilities in winter? Feel free to contact us or call skipper Wouter Egas at +31(0)6 5357 5801.


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Orionsail WhatsApp

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