Sailing IJsselmeer

The IJsselmeer thanks its existence to the closing-off of the former Zuyderzee from the Wadden sea. The installation of the impressive Afsluitdijk lead to the formation of an inland lake, fed by the river IJssel.

The IJsselmeer is divided into two parts by the dike between Enkhuizen and Lelystad; the southern part is now called the Markermeer. We can sail to and from the northern part via the Naviduct near Enkhuizen or the Houtrib locks near Lelystad. A day’s sailing IJsselmeer is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends, team members, staff or family!

Sailing across the IJsselmeer

Egasail organises several kinds of sailing trips across the IJsselmeer from our home ports in Monnickendam and Amsterdam. Our sailing charter the Orion was built in 1892 and she has kept many of her traditional features, but all the modern comforts have been installed as well, such as comfortable beds. You can book a sailing trip for an afternoon, an evening, a full day, a weekend or even a whole week!

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Orionsail WhatsApp

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